Healers.. detach with love..

There comes a point when you must detach.. it can always be done with love..  but it is essential for wellbeing..

When you have worked through some of people’s most difficult times.. held space.. been the catalyst for their awakening.. supported beyond expectations.. still there will become a time to detach.. with love..

As healers, lightworkers, intuitive this is the journey you will take many through, some as friends, family, colleagues, clients, students.. you will do it with passion, integrity and authenticity.. you will do it many times..

But there will still come a point when their need of you shifts.. they have healed, evolved, shifted awareness and become empowered..

This is to be celebrated.. to observe as they find their wings..  but often the wounded healer will reflect back to the healer that helped them..

It will not seem possible during the process as your bond through this intimate and personal process that you have gently nurtured seems as though a shared deep experience is lifelong..

It is however the journey of the Awakening..  lessons, reactions & reflections..

It happens time again.. for the healers role evolves too.. the process you take souls through brings profound healing and you do this for many.. your precious energy and ability to channel is pure..

Often it’s about boundaries.. you will feel to them as the closest person because of your ability to hold space, create a safe environment and they have revealed their inner private selves.. once healed they may want you to share the same depth.. become friends beyond the healer/client.. it is this that can be uncomfortable for them.. if balance is not reciprocated..

They can at this point detach, make judgements rather than evolving through the healing.. space is needed here.. in this moment..

The saying.. ‘the more you do for someone the more they expect’.. is true in these instances.. because you will have given.. above and beyond.. and you will do again.. because it’s you, your caring nurturing soul that came here to earth to be a healer, lightworker, intuitive..

In time they will become the healer, or seek a similar pathway as you.. you will without realising be the continued guiding light..

There are of course many that are evolved enough to not reflect and these are higher vibrational beings.. they will see and recognise the process and journey, as you do, us all assisting each other.. the collective rising.

Those that dont will speak of this but not truely authentically ‘BE IT’ in their actions.  Through judgement and unrealistic expectations this is where the healing is still needed.. once you detach they will focus this reflection onto others..

You as the healer will not want to be the one to detach.. you will keep leaving yourself open to continually give, feel obliged to remain holding space.. whatever they do or situation they bring.. this is not always healthy for your energy & wellbeing.. (You will get better at this)!

Of course in ‘time’.. this will be seen by the soul and the realisation that oneness is the ultimate goal to BEING.. the evolved can observe this whole process but cannot stop the cycle..

The role of a healer, lightworker, intuitive is one of deep pain and difficulty.. this is because you take from this the ability to transform your experience into assisting others..

The role of a healer, lightworker, intuitive is also one of great joy.. to be in service.. to know that you dedicate your journey to assisting others..  irrelevant of the outcome..

If you resonate then take from this the awareness to love and support yourself whilst you work relentlessly for others..  not to take personally the actions of others that you have helped but to see ‘the bigger picture’..

Much love as always,
Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor