Global time to shine – Creation.. Expansion.. Unity..

In this ‘time & space’ that we have been given to adjust to the imminent global awakening.. transformation is the tone for 2020.

For those that feel the calling within them that there is more.. they are more.. then this is your moment.. to shine your light.. to awaken yourself even more and to be the light that others seek to assist them through the changes.. to bring awareness often simply by BEING.

BEING is ultimately the goal we all seek because it is a place of simply ‘nothingness.. bliss.. energy.. shining light’.. it is essentially also who we are.

To achieve unravelling at the deepest level.. letting go without judgement of self.. BEING, requires a new way of living.. once following this calling you cannot try to squeeze your new vibration soul into your old life.. it simply is not possible and there is a high chance you have tried it before!

Its when we often we try to dim our light in order to not either lose people or offend them.. those we love and have known for years.. they maybe family or life long friends.. but ultimately within it becomes so uncomfortable to not be who you are that you will feel like your bursting out of your mind, body & spirit!

See we are not here to ‘play small’.. yet we try to do this often for years.. through fear.. our own conditioning or our in ability to be totally ‘different’.. and you will even be doing it now!

You see it takes a while to realise we are each unique.. and that in fact that ‘thing’ that has made us try to ‘fit it’ or not to be different is infact the ‘thing’ that saves our soul, when we honour it, is to be ourselves.. our own unique selves.. there is only one of us.. our energy is unique and weirdly & suddenly at some point we understand that we are meant to be different.. that the collective needs us to be our unique selves.. we are part of the ‘jigsaw.. each of our individual energy is needed to raise vibration in it’s own unique way.. and more than that, we are meant to do so in our own and unique way..

Through our journey of life we have all had many lessons and challenges as well as optimum good experiences that brought harmony, growth and awareness.. which led to another level of our personal Awakening.. this leads us now to a place of where we must lead the way.. in our own lifes journey but also be a guiding light for others..

Its ‘time’s to step up!

Whilst you may feel the calling.. be inspired.. and even know within what you must do.. NOW.. it is likely that something within you is ‘waiting’.. holding back.. assessing what you need, asking.. when you can step up.. how to do it.. what do you have to offer.. how do you offer it.. who do I deliver too.. How do I reach those that I need to and can see, feel my light.. that I am a synergy for..?

What courses do I need to learn..? where do I? How can I..? what about money and surviving.. even though you dont value money as the leading factor it is essentially (for the time being) our energy exchange, so we are needing to also accept abundance and clear our energy to accept this as part of ascension.. valuing ourselves.. (learning not to stay in other employment that is holding you back, or keep returning to a job in fear of survival, allowing this cycle again to take you away from your inner calling).

Our confidence to ‘step up’ is often hindered by fear.. from ‘old’ wounds.. and likely ones you dont know about.. ancient or recent lives it doesnt really matter.. we dont have to analysis or label.. we simply need to release it from our energy field.. to let go & BE.

To release at this core level is not only liberating but also inspiring to others.. because they ‘feel’ your energy as different.. as lighter.. without heavy conditioning, resistance or judgement.

I personally on my own spiritual journey have at many levels, times had to release and let go.. and when I refused to ‘see’.. the universe gave me more opportunity through challenges to awaken some more.. to grow to evolve to leave another layer behind.. to shine a bit brighter.

Mostly I have complied to this universal education of awakening.. but at times have forcefully resisted.. often without knowing weirdly.. because my fears and conditioning had held me back.. we ALL have this ability to resist!! Giving a bit longer for procrastinating and not stepping up.. a bit long lingering in the fear to ‘not be good enough or to want to please others.. as an empathic healer this is ‘normal’ in the 3 dimensional world.. yet as we awaken some more we are living in and out of other dimensions at the same time with multiple awareness.. it is a magnitude of instant manifestation that takes us to the next part of our journey to step up.. to become the next version of who we are meant to be.. and to shine our lights like never before..

Yet before we can fully ‘own’ who we are.. we must invest in ourselves.. do the next level of work on ourselves.. and it is not learning.. it is undoing.. unravelling some more!

If we dont FULLY do this then we keep limping along.. yes making a difference but not being able to let it be who we are.. 24/7.. stepping into our vocation.

Having sacred space held for you whilst you do this at your own pace and in your own space brings profound change, awakening & authenticity to who you are.. as well as voice to express who you are and equally importantly to be able to share this with others to bring light into their world . For them to ‘feel’ your energy, allows a recognition that what they see in you is also who they are!.. and this is what also allows your ascension to be unique to you..

It’s always a pleasure for me to hold space at this level.. where healers.. intuitives.. light workers.. spiritual teachers evolve and shine even brighter.. ready to step up again.. but to this ‘new vibration’ and to not adhere to ‘dimming their light’ anymore..

If you feel ready.. sense this as a calling.. then contact me for a chat or if you simply know then join me for my next Awaken & Healing programme which is a personal journey unique to you to unravel some more to be ready and able to Step up NOW.. entering the New Vibration is essential and what made me Step Up fully into my vocation in 2013 of holding space for transformation to take place for lightworkers.

I am long past trying to conform or get my courses to ‘appeal’ to people because actually those whom i’m meant to work with, I will.. we will be guided to connect.. you will be reading this now.. and our synergy will be what’s need to achieve the energetic experience for the highest greatest good of all.

Due to the current global awakening and transistion I am delighted to say that I can now deliver this next course ONLINE.. something I had been procrasting over.. 🙂 yet the universe has connected us and brought this opportunity through time and space to work together to shine some more.. the ripple effect is immense and the investment into ourselves has never been needed more..

Its not about the labels, certificates or job.. its about your energy.. your unique message to be delivered to the world.. it’s about BEING it.. because when you are.. and I mean FULLY then you walk your talk, become the energy that you dream of, that ‘you’, you speak of, you switch from voicing who you are to becoming who you are. 🙂 and it’s an amazing thing to do!

I look forward to working with you.. join me online for LIVE guidance, teachings and mentoring whilst holding space for you to do this work on yourself.. to go within like you never have before.. to emerge a brighter shining beacon of light that others can feel and see.. and be drawn to. They are awaiting you to do this for yourself so that you can help them!

14th April 2020 – Awaken & Healing Programme – for those that are ready to step up.. like we never have before!

Course content is available 24/7 for you to explore and delve deeply when you resonate, in person LIVE sessions for guidance, support & accountability to do this now!

Access for 1 year is given – so you can revisit any session that you may want to work more deeply on as your awareness shifts again!

Namaste – My soul honours your soul.. My light sees your light.

Tracee Cullen.x

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