Shifting time and space..

Happy Sunday everyone..! one of the best shifts occurring is the letting go of ‘time’ it has been much needed… essential for the level of freedom we are reaching.. ascending to.

It’s a part of the Awakening to be present and seeing time as linear.. rising beyond but when the world was so busy it was hard for people to ‘see’ or participate in.

Trying to explain this previously I used the ‘between christmas and new year’ example for letting time go.. when people are unsure what day it was.. just because of shift of focus.. family..  holiday.. nowhere to be.. alarms off.. I would say this should be our ‘normal’.. many would think it was far fetched buy yet here we are.. and whilst some things will return we will not go back fully to how we were collectively.. thankfully!

Technology when used positively can create a platform for a massive shift of time and space.. take this time to learn.. change how you can work.. self inquiry.. meditation.. and of course self love.

This is an amazing opportunity as well.. for rebooting.. changing priorities.. creating a live you want and finding a new way of living.. sharing.. kindness..  beyond self..

If/ when we all make these changes and more importantly choose them.. then we can and will create a higher vibrational world.

Namaste everyone,

Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor