A lovely day of being totally enveloped in meditation.. a great group to work with on this Meditation Foundation Journey.

Meditation.. It’s all about us each taking responsibility for our own inner work (which is continuous), and despite all resistance sit with ourselves and go within.. we can after the initial resistance be at peace and we all gain such an amazing feeling of completeness, reaised vibration and higher awareness.. we can after taking this journey wonder how we ever didnt do it!

Once finding the more authentic practice into simply BEING (rather than guided external meditation) we explore many aspects of ourselves.. unravel and evolve.. it’s a beautiful yet often painful journey.. but one that we must each take.. because there is NO WHERE else to go other than in!

If you resonate and want to explore meditation more deeply or even just begin then feel free to contact me

Teaching meditation for:
Beginners, Advanced & Teacher Training

This journey is one of much to learn and shift awareness.. yet done with compassion and kindness to ourselves we have the most amazing ability to guide ourselves, make better decisions, calm our busyness and certainly make better choices through trusting our intuition.. that we can finally hear loud and clear once we have stopped the external noise.

Namaste – My soul honours your soul & I look forward to holding space and working with you in this journey within.

Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor –