If you are struggling to understand the ‘logic’ of what is being delivered through main stream media (which won’t be many of you on this page).. but you might want to share to those you reach that are..

Then please look at least as your starting point to ‘doubt what you are told’.. look at the government website that 2 weeks in to this ‘pandemic’ have stated this is NOT a ‘HCID’ in their words a High consequence infectious disease..

I shared this back in March?? and can see some have starting sharing more widely now also.. (I have attached a few screen shots)..

I can feel into how enormous this must feel if for the first time people are questioning..

Because the conditioning stems from the primal aspects of how we ‘survive’ who we TRUST.. its UNDOING everything we have ‘learnt’, been told through generations and that is a big ask to ‘get your head around’..

BUT your ‘gut’ will tell you something isn’t right, confusion and disorientation are part of this, as is trying to ‘hold onto’ your reality.. the one you know.. that did feel safe (even if you dont remember how stifled and tired you were in the system of work, sleep, materialism.. work, sleep, materialism)..?

This is the journey of becoming CONSCIOUS.. and the reason ‘awakened’ souls are sharing such information is because this journey has been done themselves.. we have done the work of going within, thinking outside the box, shifting our whole lifes to a aligned authentic one.. the one that wants the HIGHEST GREATEST GOOD – for everyone!

Yes.. everyone.. and thats is the difference.. once you become conscious you make more aligned choices away from 3D existing & material, judgement, manman creation into one of compassion and harmony.

So if you or someone you know ‘thinks’ this can be far fetched.. when such things are shared.. do your own reasearch.. seek within.. because we ALL have a responsibility to this..

Everyone is ‘right’ to the level of awareness they have.. NO ONE is any better than anyone.. however to become conscious is to want whats best for every living being, the plant & to be FULLY conscious is to have done the next level of inner work and do something about it!


And for goodness sake.. if you are a light worker.. conscious & resonate..? STEP UP!! (I know your tired)..
.. but stop observing and take action.. Speak up to what you know within (whatever that is for you), if not what was the point of your difficult awakening journey..! It was for this.. and if you say to yourself ‘I hold light’.. well done but its not enough..! as Gandhi said..

‘We must be the change we want to see in the world’

We are past being the healers and intuitives.. its about EVERYONE BEING IT..??

Much is to come on this journey through into the ‘New way of living’.. the systems are falling.. Our light is strong but there is another level to up hold.. the transistion is about us participating and we know this because we also resisted it on our own awakening.. now we are repeating the same collectively.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, that has chosen this evening to come through.. whom ever it helps, and it maybe it pushes some buttons.. because only when we feel challenged do we shift!

Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor – www.traceecullen.com