Petitions.. waste of time? How can we create change?

Petitions.. waste of time? How can we create change?

I posted a comment sometime ago and have written earlier about the subject of our voice, creating change & shifting awareness.. what can petitions achieve?

Whilst the raise in vibration, people willing to step up is rapid.. and I honour all those sharing such petitions, for voice, awareness.. HOWEVER..

We are beyond this.. the 1% agenda is not about giving us a choice or to negotiate!

The agenda is about total control and conformity.. this is why we have to physically choose to say no.. we have to ‘actively participate’, as I say often..:-) and to spiritually continue to seek within because everything is within! To know we are SOURCE & BE IT.?

The collective voice is ascending and ‘most’ (depending on source) petitions are old paradigm of ‘thinking’ we can make a difference.. they are government led or privately owned by shareholders of the 1%..? also a good data collection process!..

..the systems are crashing down.. and with that will come the opportunity to vocalise and step up.. right now.. gather together.. (as per my video this morn).. shine and voice, don’t confirm to what you do not agree with.. we must be authentic in our words & actions!

The frustration that we feel comes from the inner knowing of what is to come.. sensing we have to ‘stop it’.. we will however have to endure as much as it takes for the collective to awaken to say NO.. until that point we have to ‘live it’.. so how do we help?

Hold space.. and BE IT.. create change, bring awareness.. share your knowledge in a positive way.. use your voice.. so those around you observe you, not just lash out..

We only awaken and change when we are challenged.. you have reached this long ago.. many have not.. BUT.. there are also many ‘lost souls’ looking for YOUR light.. because they know within but haven’t yet spoken up because of fear.. of acceptance, those around them, what to do, the enormity of it.. and so many more reasons..

You are the safe haven because you know how that feels.. you have been there.. shine so they know they don’t have to do it alone.. your voice lets others know they are not alone.. have courage.. speak up.. you WILL be surprised of those you interact with also feel the same but haven’t have the confidence to speak up.. YET!

Action is good on any level but see the system, know that we are creating a total new way of living and that means, not trying to change the system but to create a new one! Which Foundation is built on compassion and love.

I know the journey well.. the soul work to awaken is at times over whelming and once you are way into your journey it can /will become harder.. but you are free of ‘sludge’ 3D conditioning so its just how to navigate it.

People will lash out at you.. you will have continued high level of detachment.. this is because you are the shining light.. breaking open the darkness around you.. simply through shining bright!

Tracee Cullen