What do you want to create in the ‘new way of living’?

Awakening.. becoming conscious is a personal choice from within.. one that we all have to make and the journey is in layers..

The more conscious we become the deeper the layers.. it is an awakened soul that truly recognises the journey as a continuous one!

The highest form of unity is oneness and the shift into this, is one we resist even though our words speak otherwise.. it takes many layers of awakened consciousness to feel into what this truly will be..

SIT with this and do some more inner work..

  • because what we can achieve together is literally phenomenal.. We are now creating the foundation of a new way of living.. through our thoughts, feelings and actions..

We must also be illuminated enough to realise we cannot create this with our current view of the world.. we must go beyond ALL systems and manmade illusions..

What would you most like to bring into our consious creation of living?

Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor – www.traceecullen.com