The inner journey.. the only way out is in!

The journey of awareness, becoming concious is one of deep inner healing and a releasing of everything that no longer serves us.. which actually is a continuous journey.

The ascension journey has a process that we go through and it is when we feel the calling to do this deep inner work, where we can learn techniques to observe and observe the continued journey with more ease and alignment to our soul.

This is a transformational journey that NO ONE else can ‘do for you’ it is one we must ALL take, and can only do so when we are ready.

Of you resonate and feel ready then join me for my High Dimension® Awaken & Healing Programme Online For 2020 which is where space is held at the highest level for this deep work. You will be guided through soul sessions taht you can access 24/7 and also speak with me and be supported throughout this transformational soul journey – held over 1 workshop and 3 levels Foundation (clearing the sludge and 3D), Awaken (reaching your inner being, feeling and releasing) and Ascend (BEING, the channel).

This process also takes you through understanding many aspects of our ascension all of which aslre massive subjects but ultimately part of the journey.
Twin flames
Collective conciosuinesalignment physical and spiritual
Higher energy systems
Pineal and ascension
Chakras, nadis, magnetics & energetics
Trust, confidence, empowerment to shine
And much more..

For a direct chat to see if this is for you (although you will feel it as a calling) then contact me or you can book online (link above).

Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor