Investing in ourselves..

Invest in you.. we are energy..

Investing in ourselves is part of becoming conscious. It is at this point we stop trying to change our lives through focusing on external parts of our lives or even dedicating ourselves to only help others. (Whilst admirable without the conscious continued lifetime of inner work we lose balance and energy to assist others).

Because without the continued internal soul work, going within, we do not grow, evolve naturally into the next authentic version of ourselves, shift our vibration as quickly as the collective frequency, which changes in every moment.

When we recognise that we are continually growing and we do so through inner work and learning something new. It is within that moment that is aligned to our vibration (which changes continually), we start to flow through life better because we become in tune truly and deeply with ourselves.

We are then actively living as spiritual beings living a human experience not the other way around.

We create natural change in our lives and we are aligned to synchronicity which is a huge signifier of being in flow with new vibrational awareness. At this point we can seek deeper again and shift into BEING.

This is a conscious decision and takes continued awareness, and at the begining ‘tools’ and methods are needed to regain conscious awareness of our energy field and what that looks and feel like, to keep aligned, which in turn breaks the old ‘play it safe’, ‘dim your light’ energy game.

If you are feeling absolutely ready to create this awareness shift then join me and those who have gathered already for the High Dimension® Awaken & Healing Programme – ONLINE – this is for sure life changing and something you will do FOR YOU.. not anyone else and this is the struggle initially.

To recognise that this is of new vibration and for yourself totally. (Of course everyone else you interact with, work with and who shares your space, energy and love will also benefit), but it cannot be the reason you do this. It must be because you are choosing you!

Don’t procrastinate anymore!

Do the inner work on you.. have space held for you in a profound and new vibrational way.

This course has been delivered for 4 years and is known to be the catapult needed for awakened, conscious souls to do the inner work, step up, find their wings and fly!

It is different for everyone but yet the same, in that a deep authenticity, confidence and knowledge is found within EVERY participant, giving a sense of direction, and importantly, answers by the end of the 3 months to.. ‘what is next’..

This level of deep inner work brings through clarity, and awareness how to recognise and deal with all aspects of life in the future, to recognise patterns, live consciously, healthier energetically and also to thrive not just survive!

Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor