The most useful asset of a person..

As a healer and empath this is a natural way to be, but often we can give and give, without the ability to have boundries or balance in our own lives, often wanting to withdraw from the world.

It is when we give so much of ourselves that peoples need of you shifts that we realise we forgot to give to ourselves.. this is the journey we all take in some way or form.

Self love is a conscious choice and one that we have been conditioned to make as a last resort,  so regain balance..

So yes, let’s keep being that person sharing
our heart full of love and have our ears open to listen and our hands willing to help.. its who we are,  but also accept this from others.

We must be awake enough to notice that some souls,  just want to drain you of goodness,  for personal gain and but also recognise those that naturally need space held and they care for you also in honour of the shared energy, as being part of the collective vibration.

I am you, and you are me.. we are all one vibration.. until we ALL learn self love we reject others as a reflection of ourselves, how we treat others determins our own growth, but we cannot choose how others behave to us.

As healers and empaths, we are holding space for people to release shadows and judgements and when done, you can remind them of their old self.. which can be a trigger.

The sooner we realise this the better, then the strength in our unity can unravel.

There is no competition, and therefore nothing should be exclusive to us, at all.

Let’s continue to be the one that’s inclusive, kind and reaches out no matter what, but also, the one that knows self love..  this means we also have the knowledge!

Wisdom is from within.. its soul stuff..