Monkeys and wisdom..

The days when I couldn’t sleep because of monkeys! This was a personal journey of inner work.. 200 hours meditation in the himalayas.

River Ganges

After years of teaching meditation and being a channel of High Dimension Meditation, I took this journey (both physical and spiritual) for some ‘me time’ to delve deeper within and also blow away the cobwebs of some very intense and difficult life experiences and assist my own ascension process.

What this also taught me as a teacher, is that no matter how amazing it is to be next to the Ganges, which was definately essential for my soul to be there at that time, in this place of alignment for myself at that moment, as India had been my spiritual ‘home’ for many years, so apt to recieve this lesson for others also..

.. That everything was at that time changing, the start of the energetic shift that we do not need to go anywhere to do this work, for everything is within..

Of course the travel and experience is life changing but the internal journey MUST be done no matter where we are.

We must not delay such important inner work through trying to reach a physical location, before we ‘start the process’.

As a Spiritual Teacher my journey has guided me to share my teachings and work in many energetic portals around the world, as the depth of inner work required this energy to assist, so I have worked a lot in India, Glastonbury and Greece and some other countries when called to attend by taking groups on retreats this past 10 years.

Peace tower – Indian 2016

This coupled with a very poignant vision given directly to me on Summer Solstice 2018 of how this was going to unravel for the world and the importance of what was about to happen globally in terms of Eastern shifts of consciousness and the Western world.. it would be profound and the importance of teachings and where and how this would take place, my role in assisting and holding space for teachers and how this will go forward into vast and rapid awakening.

..and here we are in 2020 – All is well and how it is meant to be, there is no doubt in me at all.

It just requires resilience and courage to keep seeking within, holding space for ourselves and for me personally to work with those that are now aligning to do the deeper work and delve within, to embrace transformation and work in the New Energy!

If you resonate and now want to ‘step up’ and hold space for others or maybe you already do but want to do so now in a deeper way..

Then you can work with me on this deeper inner journey through both of these methods below and you can do so by meeting me ONLINE within my sacred teaching space (created a few years ago also aligned to what was coming and how we must now work accross time and space)..

2020 have all been fully booked and 2021 dates have just been released.

Meditation Teacher Training:

High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme:
High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme

Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation

River Ganges – Contemplative Walking
Fire ceremony – beside the Ganges