Worry.. is like a rocking chair!

Whilst we are in the most transformative and ultimately positive energy shift, ‘worry’ can still sneak in, even if we are incredibly aligned to change or have a conscious awareness.

It is the ‘human aspects’ of ourselves that is in survival mode. (Don’t be harsh with yourself, see it for what it is and then ‘go within’). When we can learn how to ‘go within’, we take back control of our own wellbeing, we can start with our ‘busy’ mind that creates worry.

Aligning to every moment in the ‘now’ is hugely important also to regain balance and dissolve worry. Mostly this busyness is about the past or the future, however the reality is we just have NOW. Let’s make it count by learning more about our own wellbeing, how to quieten the mind through ancient techniques and by BEING.. conscious awareness of this all ‘playing out’ and recognising that we have this busyness and worried mind at times is the first step in doing something about it.

Whilst a guided meditation can bring deep relaxation and mindfulness can make you more present, it is meditation that takes you to the inner stillness.. To create inner peace we must learn the methods of mind, mantra, mudra and have breathe awareness, to use techniques to change our current reality into PEACEFULNESS.

Once we achieve this and how to do this short practice for ourselves, at home, we change our lives and also impact those around us.

The first step, is to learn through feeling this in a practical way – join me for my last Meditation Foundation Course of 2020.. so you can start 2021 in a whole different way. 2 day course with 1 year access to revisit sessions 24/7.
Meditation Foundation – Mind, Mantra, Pranayama – 2 Day ONLINE Course

Through small changes that take a few moments of awareness, you can change your reality, your mind can become a place of inner wisdom, trusting yourself, increased intuition and clarity of your journey and decisions.

This 2 day course, is with live tuition, supportive group energy, connect with others that have taken this course also, share the journey for support if uou want to but optional and you have 1 years access to revisit the meditation sessions and learning of methods.

This course has been running for several years and delivers a wealth of experience, knowledge and practical help and guidance. In 2020 this has been offered for the discount price / exchange of energy of £135 to help bring transformation, wellbeing and to assist the collective vibration as well as honouring this life changing knowledge, teaching experience and intuitive guidance for BEING. Normal price is £165.

This course is accredited and is suitable for beginners, or those whom have some experience and want to deepen their practice, or meditators that have never learnt the ancient practices or shifted into New vibration yet. It is also for those whom would like this foundation knowledge to gain experience to progress to take the Meditation Teacher Training Course.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.

P.s. there is also my FREE group that you can join with meditation help and live sessions – High Dimension Meditation – For Everyone

Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation