Just do it now..


This past few days and weeks f/book, and google memories and several people that have previously attended retreats with me have sent through precious memories, reminders, photos and some have contacted me to ask if, when I am running retreats again and it has reminded me of this..

DO IT NOW.. we must all do everything we resonate with ‘in the moment’ because things change. For instance so many people have said they specifically want to come on my Indian retreat and have put it off each year for another ‘time’ and the opportunity for what that was has now gone! The world has changed.

Things won’t be the same and nor should we want it to be, but a soul recently said to me that it was her ‘biggest regret’ not coming to India, it was such a deep calling and an experience she knew she wanted at soul level, yet fear and others peoples influence had stopped her (she allowed it to stop her) and when we feel that way we must move heaven and earth (literally) to do what our soul calls for, because it is about expansion, spiritual growth and choosing you, all for ascension and creating conscious change. It should not be about regret, staying as you are, when your soul wants to experience more.

We all evolve and when we feel called to attend something that is for us at soul level we must listen to ourselves, trust and #justdoit

By natural Universal energy, law of attraction, there will be resistance in each of us that ‘pops up’ and says ‘we cant’ it is also our ego holding us back and this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME that something is significant for our purpose, life path, soul calling.

For example..

I observed this long ago, when someone wants to book any of my highly transformational sessions, courses or ANY of my Finding You retreats, something like Meditation Teacher Training, High Dimension Awaken and Healing Programme, High Dimension Calling.. follow your Passion then this resistance will rise within, its a good detector though for you, when you understand this, that it will be life changing, your soul knows and you simply feel it! Same occurs with big life moments.

It will be ‘your thing’ (we all have this), that has to be worked through, to first observe it (it will be a pattern) and then get past and break it down rationally what comes up to bring resistance. It is different for everyone but WILL BE one or more of these..

Money, time, location, support of family, what others think, confidence, lack of…

So my advice of the day is #justdoit work through it, recognise the resistance is a thing.. sent to us to show us what to clear, work through, what holds us back, get out of our own way.. and do it anyway!

YOUR soul will thank you for your courage, life will change and you WON’T BE who you were before the experience, whatever it is.. and that is the very reason why we should!

Namaste everyone, live life fully.

Tracee Cullen

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