What point do we go within?


Ascension takes us through many levels of awareness and is a continuous process for our whole lifetime on the earth plane.

There does come a point though that we learn that we MUST work deeply on ourselves, respond not react and remove ourselves from drama and external ‘noise’.

As empaths we feel everything including and with even more depth now, the collective energy, as we are simply part of it.

None of us are seperate and so the more we can return inwards the more we heal, no matter how ‘ascended’, ‘awake’, ‘conscious’ or any other label that is used.

We MUST keep going inwards at every ‘trigger’ and every ‘lost’ moment, and by doing so WE together change and impact the external, its so profound it is immeasurable, infinite and beyond the old paradigm and 3D measurement!

When we do so we are also actively participating, more so now in this ‘state of consciousness’, using our voice and energy with full intention that aligns the frequency.

Raising vibration in this way changes our reality.. but it takes courage to surrender, feel into this and BE it.

Observers may not yet realise the impact of high vibration, or exactly what is occurring, energetically and this is okay.. BUT keep going within.. NO MATTER WHAT.

There are many layers that we ALL have to witness, travel through.. many of TRUTH to work through, of anger and u doing everything we once knew to arrive in a place stable and ready enough to choose to go within.

This place is beyond judgement!

Nothing is as it seems, there are many illusions now, and the only way to keep this going (old paradim) is to keep people in fear and pain as empaths as we feel everything.

So know this and visualise, FEEL and have intent that we are collectively already PEACE, LOVE, HEALED.. it has to be as though it already is.. to manifest!

DO NOT ask for it to ‘be sent’ or say ‘want’ because in energy terms the universe matches the vibration and we would be left wanting and waiting.. we get what we FEEL and are..

Helpful mantra..
WE are amazing golden light, shining as energy, we are peaceful, we feel ourselves as love, we are non violent, we are kind, we are abundant, we are light.. we are love – Tracee Cullen.

Namaste everyone,
Keep shining and BEING.


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