Womens Day.. Celebrate Divine feminine in us ALL.. Shiva | Shakti

Ascension and the awakening of the Aquarian Age is about the divine feminine rising..

This is about our ‘connection’ and knowing we are not seperate from the earth.

When we allow our nurturing energy to rise and soften us.. It is not about gender specific because we are ‘fluid and evolving’ in our ascension, labels are removed.

In the ‘woman’ is is a SURRENDER of the masculine energy, often presented within as independence, dominance, survival mode, assertive or overactive harsh voice to be heard, the self sufficient do it alone ‘mode’.

In the ‘male’ it is an ALLOWING of the nurturing energy, emotions and feelings. Learning how to receive not just provide, balance of responsibility for survival ‘mode’.

And so, we have a collective rebalancing taking place and has been noticeable since 2012, of divine feminine energy. The Shiva | Shakti energy, the destroyer and the creator, and we NEED both, to bring both aspects within to a healed and energised space for the collective balance and ascension.

The YOGIC lifestyle, one I have followed for many years, since living in India, brings harmony and innerpeace through MEDITATION and through the Himalayan teachings, so that we can bring knowledge and action together. A good core of inner change created through gentle meditation, yet profound, powerful and nurturing techniques. It is the essence of who we are at soul level and a great place to learn and delve within, supported and nourished.

It is, without doubt a journey we ALL will take, because it is the vehicle of ascension, it is just about when we choose to.

SOUL CHOICE is key in all that we do and our choices whether we make them or not (the same, because not making a choice is still choosing!) is also the creator or destroyer!

Join me for Meditation Teacher Training – the ethos is to ‘Become what you teach’.. Your investment in YOU is to reach deep with and create conscious change, balance your Shiva | Shakti energy so that you may deliver yourself as a ‘whole’ to the world and BEING present fully, is empowering on all levels of awareness, as well as feel confidence to help others along the pathway too.


Tracee Cullen.


Meditation Teacher Training: https://traceecullen.com/meditation-teacher-training/