As we now bring this year ‘4’ to a close, energetically we have been establishing our foundation, clearing all the debris and old systems both on an individual and collective basis that no longer can be considered a part of our foundation, what we build our future on.

We have for so long in ‘pockets of awareness’ tried to shift and grow and make changes within what we had created for centuries.

Through our conditioning we had been trying for so many generations to make the changes still within these systems, continually ‘fighting’ against the 3D structutes that deep within our soul felt, to do so, to make this world a more compassionate and kind place to live in.

This year 2020, we have started what was inevitable and led by aligned formations and energy shifts, to break down the old paradigm, systems and structures.. everything at the moment is like a ‘loose tooth’.. wobbling and about to be pulled out ready to create space to grow and bring in the new one (paradigm).

Everything has been illuminated and SHOWN to us, it has been a choice to SEE. 

This is of course the physical shift, many of us have done this spiritually through our awareness some time ago, and as we all continue to awaken through seeing the illusions, especially where control exists, we see clearly there is no substance behind it all.. just a business formed as ‘governments’.. we see beyond that and the real control behind the scenes the 1% that is fear based and leadership led by unethical dictatorship.

There has been  so much ‘work’ in campaigning to do the right thing for the environment, earth, nature.. to change our ‘old’ establish values, break down materialism that no longer satisfies our soul.. for again centuries.. always working against a ‘systems’ built on financial gain not whats good for the planet.

We feel the rising now as immentient where ‘we’ the people, the collective have so much empowerment and passion to ‘do the right thing’ for our planet and each others wellbeing.  We have been ignited – we are the phoenix rising from the ashes metaphorically.

It is an exciting time as we shift more fully into the Aquarian Age of spiritually – unity, compassion, technology, freedom and unconditional love.

This may seem a bit ‘far fetched’ for some to yet believe but when the collective is pushed or surpressed too much it is then that the questioning begins.. from this space we can ALL continue to create a much more aligned life that is CONSCIOUSLY aware of choices, truth and honouring our oneness.