Thinking and feeling different, to who you ever were..

You know when you have shifted because you have such a different perspective on ALL things in life, because you have evolved beyond who you used to be and that feels mostly really positive but a part of you still trys to ‘conform’ and be who you were, around those whom do not align to your ‘new world’ the one where you seek freedom and are conscious of why you are here.

There comes a point when you to have to stop dimming your light, and be couragous to speak your truth, authentically in alignment of your core BEING, emerge and fly..

Your were the caterpillar but now you are the butterfly! 

Namaste – you are not alone.

We are all unravelling and emerging and there are endless layers to this process.. the more we do, the more PEACE and KNOWING we have, yet the highs will be higher and the lows will be lower..

Join me for the High Dimension Awaken and Healing Programme when you feel ready to consciously step deeper within and align FULLY to New Vibration in how you ‘work’ spiritually as well as leading your own life courageously, authentically and stepping up to the next version of who you are and why you are here.

What you do now is already amazing! But there is more and you have become comfortable..!

Now the universe is asking you to shine even brighter and it will be once again into the unknown and it will FEEL perfectly in alignment.. like home..

You will be here reading this for a reason and most likely considered this deeper level for sometime..

When you are ready, reach out and explore this opportunity and alignment we have created in this moment.

Tracee Cullen