The commitment and investment is in YOU not me..?

The commitment and investment is in YOU not me..?

When you book with me to attend one of my courses, private session or retreats it is always a special moment and an exchange to honour in energy. Most people work with me over several years and complete several courses as they evolve, grow and shift awareness and feel drawn to deepen their own path, whuch has an impact of how they can work and help others also more deeply..

Often there is a starting point but this does differ dependant on where you feel you are energetically. Whether it be to start with Meditation or one of my High Dimension®? signature courses for example the Awaken and Healing Programme, is a choice that can make you procrastinate because your energy is wanting to improve what you offer people also, change your own life and teach, but we have to align ourselves fully to teach, so the ‘chicken and the egg’.

The main thing is that ALL that I do and offer is in NEW VIBRATION and so it is ALL aligned to shift consciousness quite profoundly.. the one thing I advise is that you must want to create conscious change, surrender and choose you to do this. I will hold space, support and catch you (energetically) when needed to send you back to you!

If your not sure, contact me and I can arrange a chat to help you choose what is a good fit for you, or a good place to start is one of my workshops. Lower comitment.

Mostly people feel it within to attend.?

I, like you am continously growing and aligning so I won’t teach everything forever.. I say this as I get so many people say one day I want to do one of your courses and join you for retreat.. But this also changes, what I offer and align to spend my time and energy.

I no longer teach Reiki for instance but there was a ‘linear time’ that it was mostly what I did.. so reach out in the present moment and we can work the rest out together, which is again new vibration!

Remember the commitment and investment is in YOU not me..?

You will however have to trust and feel that it is me you want to help you, and take you through this transformation. Probably because I have also made this transistion into the New Vibration.

Tracee Cullen

– High Dimension®? Intuitive Teachings
Tracee Cullen Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : CHI Mind, Body & Spirit Academy ??