Just checking in with you..

UPDATE.. and check in with you all to say hi ?

  • Am I missing India yet?.. yes just a bit.. and the sunshine.. yes a lot! But I know my calling is HERE.. for now! (Thankfully I chose it before the global manic behaviour kicked in).??


A nourishing of the soul week for me, by BEING really ‘busy’ (a word I rarely use as it resonates with 3D nonsense) but also one to that is in alignment to action and in alignment of following my passion.. Aquarian tech energy, humanitarian realisation, goals and achievements.??

I am embracing BEING and creative energy.. in full flow of what makes a difference in this world.. We can only do our ‘bit’ but if we ALL do ‘our bit’ then we are done.. all in a place of flow, natural alignment and for the higher greatest good.

I think the moon bathing helps me so try it!!???

So how are you?

One thing I learnt a long-time ago, is that its essential for us all to invest in ourselves and I do this with my continued growth, learning and expansion and also by holding space for those ‘doing’ their soul growth, learning and healing in the process beyond what is known.

A natural cycle and ripple effect that brings us all into a deeper knowing and understanding of why we are here and how we resonate to raise vibration.

Its also been a tricky week for me with the Internet disruption, so apologies for anything not yet available, I am working through the weekend to make sure all has been uploaded as well as good nourishment and relaxation. BALANCE..?? Mercury is in shadow.. but all planets are forward.. yeah!

Lovely to be delivering the professional tarot again and to welcome several souls in alignment to take this journey with me or revisit their past knowledge to enhance their channelling of consciousness and guidance for others. (Starting 20th March).

We are all in service and its an honour to know this, observe the shifts.. through goodness, friction, resistance, embracment also attachment and non attachment..

We’re in this together whether we assist each other through feeling challenged to grow or resistance, its all done with empathy, compassion and unconditional love..

It’s a journey we must all take and no longer avoid the resistance to shine!

Its been a tough alignment and its complex energy so nurture well and I look forward to diving into the Awakened Inner Circle tomorrow with additional support, channellings and enrichment to share.

This few weeks have been so divinely orcastrated and brought souls into view that I havent seen for a long time and have mutal shared interest for harmony, assiting others and yet also shown those that I do see, that perhaps need to have a break from or not be so available for! Its all about frequency.

Many of us are reconnecting to people we have left or left us, changed direction from or had out grown, or maybe its an interest, skill or something to study that we are now again interested in, but such growth means some connections can be reignited.. if we choose.

Todays beautiful really WARM sunshine has helped.. so good to feel this on my face and at soul level.. 1st time this year I have felt the full warmth rather than winter sunshine.

So onwards.. and upwards.. I feel privileged to have good souls in my life no matter what capacity and especially those whom can see our previous learning, experiences and growth.

Tomorrow I will also be marking recent courses and issuing certification to the many souls that are using this ‘time’ to create space in their life, follow their passion, do some more inner work, evolve and ‘step up’ to beyond what they already know or do! 🙂

Enjoy the moon!
Namaste everyone, happy weekend!

Tracee Cullen: Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : High Dimension Meditation

Just some pictures of my walk earlier.. in search of the moon and such stillness.x