To fellow healers and intuitives.. many of our paths cross and align on this journey of energy exchange and the authenticity of meeting each other and continuing with integrity is always a personal choice.

Each soul we work with we share some of ourselves, we cannot determin how others will take this openly given heart space and yet we continue to give as well as balance receiving.

In our own lives we endure many difficulties on this path of ascension, as its what teaches us and gives experiences to share with others.

We cannot give though all of ourselves and as life changes and evolves we have to make personal choices to align and remember our own souls journey also.

Some will not adjust and take it personally, especially when withdrawing after sharing so much of ‘yourself’ and many of those whom you have given the most of your ‘time’ will not see these changes as positive or take it as rejection.

In a world where we all need kindness, please reflect on just how we ‘treat’ each other fellow healers and intuitives, what our actions imply and how we can best genuinely as lightworkers extend our love and support energetically to each other.

Its often a cycle of awareness and when we are givers people always expect more.

I am consciously aware of this rising within ‘lightworkers’ that is often exclusive of the very souls who have given much of themselves..

Where judgements and assumptions are made without knowing or taking time to see what’s going on in their world. Judgement is something that needs continuous work on, to release and does not have a place when BEING authentic. Being inclusive no matter what is about raising vibration, anything else is control and of course ego.

As healers, souls of this rapid awakening we must practice what we teach, honour what we know and reach out to those whom we have treated not so well, yet they have given much.

I see endless amazing souls all doing the best they can, as we all are, yet I also see a depth of ego that is projected ‘as love and light’ but infact has an undercurrent of actual negative energy, speech or action just for personal gain or to justify a behaviour, detachment, or for personal or professional gain.

Everything is being shown and its not what you first expect..

Honour all those whom we have had the privilege to share the journey, accept that we cannot give all the time and that balance must be restored.

Also looking at expectations we put on ourselves and others is a good starting place to align and rekindle connections, in love and unity.

What we ‘see’ physically is rarley what is occurring energetically.

In love and unity, continued love sent..
Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation