What is Halloween.. in the New Vibration?

Halloween.. in the New Vibration.

As we move rapidly into New Vibration.. we have to question everything.. as we let go of ‘tradition’ born from conditioning, polarity, fear and ritual it is days like this that we ‘look’ into what is Halloween?

Well it has and is considered by many the closest or thinest of the veil into other realms. The ‘time’ that we can comminicate more clearly.

It is also a religious day for some.. which stems from catholic beliefs and others. It has roots in the ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival of Samhain where is was considered the dead return to earth.

It is also very much recognised as a day of celebrating ‘darkness’ by many too.

It is for some a day to ward off ‘ghosts’!

..and lets not forget it has reached now a huge retail status.. so for many it is about ‘trick or treating’ (now this could be analysed), dressing up or ‘fun’?

There are many aspects and a collective of reasons for this ‘celebration’..

For me..
BEING in New Vibration is a whole different energy.. it is where channelling is a direct process, without the need for external guides or mediumship (a healing process of connection to a physical) as we learn now we simply are one.

Whilst I have understood and delivered ‘messages’ as a psychic and medium for many years.. since 2013 the way in which I receive is very different and this is because of shifting from the ‘old into the new’.. there will be many that disagree with this because of simply not shifting this awareness YET.

In the NEW the veil is simply not there.. the physical is not present in someone that passes but as most would agree their energy is.. this brings an advancement of seeing ‘orbs’ too.. yes they are there but as with mediumship ‘calling in a reality’.

For me the journey has for most been profound and I remember well being in awe of the ability ‘some’ had to be ‘psychic’ recieve messages, read, communicate with ‘the other side’..

I was even more blown away and respectful when I developed to be able to do this.. and then upped the awe when realising EVERYONE can do this… it is just about working on ourselves, going within, remembering who we are as a soul, clearing ourselves to become the channel.

Thats when I stepped up my teaching from 2008 and what I was delivering and holding space teaching ‘circles’, spiritual development.. but it was a definitive moment for me and a clear message to stop teaching that ‘content/process’ for much of it is external..

Yes we need tools but in the NEW VIBRATION we are in a time and frequency of empowerment to know this all ourselves.

This why many that have delievered messages are now focusing on the teaching.. my interpretation of teaching Tarot for many years is as a tool.. the process to in the end be about being so in touch with who you are that your intuition is strong enough and your belief in yourself to be able to ‘read/receive’ the guidance for yourself.

We have been in a conditioning and old energy to seek soneone to give us answers because we are so ‘disconnected’ to ourselves.

In terms of GHOSTS.. well I have beieve me seen my share over the years, been called to clear houses, people and much more but the fact is POLARITY has shifted and it did so sometime ago.. I still get calls and knocks at the door to ‘help’ but the fact is by working now in New Vibration the focus and energy is a whole new ‘thing’ and of course we can choose to bring in the darkness or illusions.. and ghost hunt, but actually we have moved passed it.

Intention is everything and we can change our reality in a second if we choose.

Whilst I know many sttuggle with this I also know hundreds of people that have approached me who have ‘done the old way’ for 20/30 years many of them.. saying it is gone..

Nothing is gone but the frequency has changed and we must shift our awareness.. to understand, know and feel just what an amazing energy we each are and that we are all from the same ‘pot of energy’.. good and bad (if there is such a thing)!

I have been delivering instead a Awaken and Healing programme.. for 3 years, which is not a secret process but one that we ALL take.. it helps to take the journey conciously and shift from ‘Old Vibration into the new’..

It is intense work because the life journey to awaken is not an easy one but once we take responsibility for our own spiritual development instead of seeking others and when we actively participate in our development then things change.. our whole perception of who/what we are, and the New Vibration emerges with and we evolve beyond what we though possible.

For now though with such a surge of intention into the past, darker energies.. these few days will feel ‘sludgy’ for many of you as you feel differently now.

Many of us were burnt at the stake previously for such ‘gifts’ of healing, remedies and knowing.. we still feel this residue but it has cleared considerably in the past few years as a collective.. because we realise we are in the New ENERGY and that we must step up.. follow our calling and not only know these things but have a voice, share and evlove collectively.

2020 is a significant part of this shift!

Whatever or however you spend ‘halloween’.. take at least a little time to seek within to how you feel not what you sub conciously say, do or repeat because of old conditioning!

Namaste – ‘My soul honours your soul’.

P.s. I have just as an insight realised that maybe a collective session specifically on ‘Channelling in the New Energy’ is needed.. I will set a date as an ONLINE live session and do it for those that resonate.

Tracee Cullen